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Character development and illustrations for Cloud Cuckoo World.

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Welcome to the world of Cloud Cuckoo!

Cloud Cuckoo World is an interactive learning tool to support the delivery of the Key Stage 2 non statutory framework for Languages both at school and at home. Sophie was ommissioned to create the characters from the large range of Cloud Cuckoo stories and produce the colourful work they now inhabit.

Visit Cloud Cuckoo (and read the stories!) 


How to commission an illustration from Sophie

Firstly, email Sophie with your enquiry.

Once a commission request has been made and a price agreed there are a few simple steps that follow...

Firstly, the client emails Sophie with relevant images of the subject.

Sophie will then produce a preliminary sketch, before emailing it to the client. The client can then suggest changes at this stage, and an updated sketch will be provided.

Once the design is agreed Sophie will then produce the final image

Once complete Sophie will email or post the client the finished illustation.