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Carved in Stone is a project that uses digital photography technologies to record at risk archaeological monuments in Turkey.

Carved in Stone's main focus is stone cut reliefs, and light and shadow, elements which needed to be reflected in the design.

A version of the logo usining the Turkish name of the project , Taşlara Kazınmış was also required.


How to commission a logo from Sophie

Firstly, email Sophie with your enquiry.

Once a commission request has been made and a price agreed there are a few simple steps that follow...

Firstly, the client needs to provide the artist with images and ideas for content.

The artist will then produce a page of peliminary designs, giving a range of logo designs based on the content supplied. These will be forwarded to the client via email.

The client can then select a preferred design and request alterations and ammendments.

Once the final design is agreed, the client recieves digital files on email.